When will I receive my email notification?

As soon as the cruise is over we will be busy uploading purchased photos. Once photo accounts are uploaded we will send guests an email to create an online account and sign in. As ships are all over the world this upload process may take some time and can vary from ship to ship. Onboard, the team will have provided more accurate information on when to expect your email. We are however, committed to getting you access to your photo memories within 4-7 business days of the end of your cruise. Please see our support site for more detail

How do I download all my photos at once?

Downloading more than 1 photo at one time is not possible on mobile devices. If you are on a PC or Mac computer then you will be able to "select all" then "download", this will then download to your downloads folder in .zip format. Once complete unzip the file and all your images will be ready to use. Please see our support site for more detail

Where can I find information about an order I made pre cruise?

Please see our support site which contains all information and FAQ's here on pre cruise orders.

What size and resolution do the photos come in?

Digital photos are provided in resolutions of a minimum 2000x3000 at 300 dpi printing quality. Aspect ratios are optimized to be printed as 6x8 or 8x10 sizes depending on the photo event. Changing an image to a different aspect ratio may cause cropping of borders and a loss of detail. Standard JPEG photo compression is used to minimize file sizes while keeping quality high. Photos may range in megabyte size from 1MB to 3MB depending on the photo event and color detail contained in the image.

Do all photos come with a template/border?

Photos will appear on the website in the same way they are represented onboard, if there is a template on the photo onboard then there will be on the photo post cruise. Images are rendered in this way at the cruise lines request and by guest popularity these templates cannot be changed or removed from the photos.

How long are my photos kept on the website for?

Photos are currently only kept on the site for a period of 30 days, after this time they may be removed and permanently deleted. Please ensure you have downloaded and stored your images before this time is up. If your account has expired please contact us by raising a ticket here

Need more help? Visit our support site for more information